I give up. I surrender. 

This week, the United States celebrated its Independence Day, but so did Algeria, Belarus, Burundi, Canada, Cape Verde, Comoros, Malawi, Rwanda, Solomon Islands, Somalia, and Venezuela. I think about the news coming from some of these countries and wonder, “are they free?” 

But, what about us? Do people around the would think Americans are really free? Our news stories depict daily battles all over our country. 

To know how to win the war, we must first identify the problem. Who is the enemy? A war on terror seems like an impossible war because the enemy lives in our own minds. 

My enemy tells me that I am overweight, and not good enough. My internal villain whispers, “you can’t,” and she has a whole list of reasonable options. 

I am not smart enough.

It is too hard.

I am afraid.

I don’t have enough money.

I’m alone.

I am not strong enough.

I am tired.

I made too many mistakes.

Enough! The truth is, I have made bad choices. I have failed, but I have learned from my mistakes. What has our history taught us? What lessons have we learned?

Pride in a flag was born out of tradition used for soldiers fighting a war. As long as you see the flag, you fight. If you see the white flag, you surrender. Some say, never surrender. By that logic, we will forever be at war.  

The white flag is my freedom. I have found my peace, now I want to help children fight for theirs. I will fight for peace. I will fight with love. 

Today, I send my Love Warriors out into the world. Love Warriors are the characters I created for LoveSnax, to bring hope to kids around the world. Children need to know that we love them, and we understand the battle they fight because we’ve been fighting it too. 

Please tell your kids, grandkids, godchildren, nieces, and nephews, that you love them. Remind them that they are not alone. This battle is fought every single day. You might be the one person in a child’s life that gives them strength, courage and hope to persevere. Arm the children in your life with a shield of love, and teach them that their weapon is knowledge. Education is the path to freedom.